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Stephanie Von der Thannen

Massage & Tantra Therapist, Coach, Workshops

I am a calm and optimistic person and enjoy to be in nature.

I grew up in a small village in Austria, surrounded by big mountains, beautiful nature, lots of snow in the winter.

Having an identical twin sister, I experienced the joy of unity and the challenge and need to find my own path.


In my youth I had often the feeling of not fully fitting in. I was very interested in spiritual topics and busy with questions like: "What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is my purpose?" etc. I was longing to follow my heart and to live and work in a way that truly resonates with me. There was an inner knowing that there must be so much more to life than commonly teached - there must be more possibilities than the usual life path in my village (to marry, to build a house and to get children). 

With age 21, this inner voice in me got so strong, that I decided to take a leap of faith and to follow it fully. This was scary and a big relief at the same time. It was the start of a great discovery journey, which led me to leave my village and to live in an Eco-village community in Portugal for many years, to explore life and finding my own truth, to travel to different countries, the joy of finding like-minded people and getting to know my gifts and turning them into my profession.
I learned that my sensitivity is not a weakness, but a strength. My interest in the physical and energetic levels of life led me to study different modalities and techniques of massage, energy work and healing.
I feel grateful for life and all the support I received on my path.

Since 2017 I live in Stockholm (Sweden).
Now I am passionate to support others to fill their sensitivity with confidence, to be relaxed and alive in the body, to follow their inner truth and creating a fulfilled and happy life.

some of Stephanie's experiences in life



Educations in Spirituality, Massage, Bodywork, Tantra, Coaching & Trauma work

Therapist of the New World - Certified Life Coach, Healer & Channeler
by Mia Kafkios

Trauma healing & nervous system regulation
2022 - 21 day nervous system tune-up
2022 - 12 weeks Nervous system Rewire "Smart body smart min
by Irene Lyon

Bodysense (trauma healing)
2021-2022 - 5 modules completed, Stockholm

META NLP Practitioner (NLP & Hypnosis, for trauma healing & re-programming)
2021, 4 Modules in Järna (Sweden)
by Inner Power Cente

Sexual Healing & De-armouring - The Gaia Method

2021 Danmark
by The Gaia Method (Susanne Roursgaard)


TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) - Modul 1
2020 Stockholm
by Omnibalance

De-armouring education Level 1 & 2
2020 Berlin
by Sunny Ju

Tantra Therapist / Dakini Training

2020 - assisting the 1 month training
2019 - 1 month training  in Thailand
by Lin Holmquist,

Transformational Bodywork - Alchemy of Touch

2020 Thailand (Oil massage with Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Fluid Touch ..)

with Tapesh Paradiso & Anouk Devi

Zen Coaching Education

2018 - 1 year education
by Kåre Landfald

Zen Shiatsu

2017 India => 3 month Integrated Shiatsu Education,

(including Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Tantra massage, Yoni massage, Lingam massage
since 2008

(sensual whole-body massage that works with life-force energy)
Several educations in tantra massage since 2008 in Germany (Düsseldorf, Essen, Berlin), Thailand, Sweden.

Starting point for my interest in Tantra: Diana Richardson's books (Slow sex ...)
from 2006

Studying Diana Richardson's books were immensely inspiring and expanding my own life & sexuality. That's why it is worth mentioning it here. Her books were a big starting point for my strong interest in tantra.

Workshops I co-created & held

- 2023 ... Ways of the tantric woman, Stockholm
- 2020 ... Tantra for couples (Beginners) workshops, Stockholm
- 2020 ... Tantric Women Circle , Stockholm

- 2020 ... Dakini Temples in Tantra Festival, Ängsbacka (Sweden)

- 2020 ... Awaken into your potential - One day tantric workshop for women (Stockholm)
- 2019 ... Awaken your inner Goddess - One day tantric workshop for women (Stockholm)
- 2019 ... Monday-Oxytocin-massage workshops (Noden) - every week for 8 months (Stockholm)

Courses & seminars (some of which I attended or assisted)

Assisting Seminars & Festivals:

- Club Spice - 2022, Stockholm

- Tantra Festival - Dakini Temple & Healing Circle (giving individual sessions) - 2019 Ängsbacka Sweden
- Tantra Massage for couples - Lin Holmquist - 2019 Stockholm
- Free to love - Tantra Heart (Kobi) - 2019 Ängsbacka Sweden
- Global Love School - Sabine Lichtenfels - 2012-2015 Tamera Portugal

Some additional attended Seminars :


- Authentic love retrat for couples - 2022 Berlin, by Hanna & Bernhard von Glasenapp (trained by Diana Richardson)
- Tantra Massage for couples course - Lin Holmquist - 2018 Stockholm

- Opening to Intimacy - Talib & Shubhaa Fisher - 2018 Baravara Sweden
- Silent retreat with Mooji - 2018 Portugal

- Intimacy & Freedom - Talib Fisher - 2017 Sweden

- Path of Love - Talib & Turiya - 2017 Sweden

- Expand the Box - Clinton Callahan, Portugal

- Life teacher education (Ausbildung zum Lebenslehrer) - Kurt Tepperwein
- and many more ...

Leonie Gabriella

Studying & working for Leonie Gabriella
Online courses: Abundant Passionpreneur, Manifesting Epic Love Academy ....

Travels for self-development, educations, spiritual quests and visiting ancient places

2019 &  2020 Thailand (Courses in Yoga, Tantra, Bodywork)

2018 India (3 month intense Shiatsu education with Chi gong & meditation)

2017 Thailand (Yoga & Tantra) & Bali

2016 Camino de Santiago = Own pilgrimage for reflection on the next steps in my life.

2010 Mexico (Teotihuacan "City of the gods", Mayan temples in Palenque ..) - Visiting the ancient temples of Mexico was always a dream.

2010 North America (New Mexico) - With a group of my Tamera community we were visiting a place which was holding a lot of indigenous knowledge and teachings. I was supporting the "vision quest" of a friend.

2009 & 2010 Initiation journey to India and New Zealand -> I call it initiation journey because it felt like an initiation to go into the world fully by myself (without my twin sister or community). It was a very expanding experience after facing all the fears around it, meeting so many amazing people and cultures and getting a very clear connection to my inner voice.
India (Delhi, McLeod Ganj - Dalai Lama, Dharamsala, Rishikesh, Kashmir, Varanasi ...) & New Zealand (North and South island)

2009 England = A magical journey by walking and hitch-hiking with 2 friends to places like Glastonbury, Stonehenge, the megaliths and crop circles ...

Tamera Eco-Village & Peace Research Center (Portugal)

(2006-2016 Studying, living & working in Tamera)   Watch the trailer


Working for Sabine Lichtenfels (Medium, writer and co-Founder of Tamera eco-village)

2012 - 2016

Co-Organizing Global Love School, Tamera

Love School & Mystery School (spiritual research) of Tamera:
studying and working
Watch the trailer for the film that is produced about Tamera's love school
Read more about Tamera's spiritual research

Joining Grace Pilgrimages & Global Campus in crisis areas:

2007 / 2012 / 2013 Israel & Palestine - Watch the film
2008 & 2010 Columbia (Peace Community San José de Apartado) - Watch the film

3 years Monte Cerro Peace Education (2006 -2009):
- studying and attending many courses around the social, spiritual, sexual, ecological, technological and economic areas of life and how to create a functioning community that is based on truth, trust and mutual support.
- Internships in Tamera's permaculture gardens, campus kitchen, solar village, school, horse place, Aldeia da Luz (healing plants ...) ....
- Ecovillage Design Education (EDE)

School education

2000-2005 Bezauer Wirtschaftsschulen (Handelsakademie)


16.11.1985, Austria

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