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Blossom into your female power

  • It's time to rise from the mud of our collective and personal trauma and to realize, that we are the creators of our lives.

  • It's time to re-connect with our qualities as women and fill them with confidence: our intuition, power, softness and  wisdom of the heart.

  • It's time to recognize our bodies as sacred. To stop comparing and judging and instead celebrating all its forms and shapes.

  • It's time to realize that the feminine principle is needed to take it's place, if we truly want to create a world with more balance, beauty and peace with our dear men.

  • It's time to blossom.

  • It's time to be in our full radiance

  • It's time to be YOU.

My own experience from Yoni Healing


When I received my first Yoni Healing session during my tantra therapist training, I felt deeply touched in my feminine core. The session giver was holding a very present space for me - in full stillness at times. This made me relax and from there a lot of sweet, orgasmic, tingly energy was starting to bubble up through my whole body. I was in bliss and I felt like my whole being was expanding. What deeply touched me, was that my body was honored as sacred, releasing limiting beliefs and shame about my body.
After this profound experience, I felt a strong calling, to give this gift further and to create such healing spaces for many other women.


The session is tailored for your needs and there are different elements with which we might work - like a Tantric Full-body Massage, Tantra Therapy and Yoni Healing.

At the beginning of the session, we will have a talk about your intention and what you want to work with, and from there we see which modalities are best to use.

Tantric massage
Awaken your senses

Enjoy a tantric full-body massage to awaken your senses and to open to your pleasure potential. Receiving prolonged sensual touch over the whole body is especially for women a key to their natural orgasmic nature.
This is a very sensual and slow massage and with different kinds of touch you are invited to feel,  discover and enjoy.


Tantra therapy

Working on a specific issue and releasing emotional and physical blockages that limit your life energy. Opening up to more self-love,  femininity, your source of power.  
We work with coaching, de-armoring, conscious touch,  tantric bodywork, wheel of consent, energy- and breath work etc.

Yoni Healing

A beautiful and powerful healing space.
Soft vaginal de-armoring through loving presence & stillness.
Letting go of blockages and tensions stored in the vaginal tissue. Reclaiming your space, opening up to increased sensitivity and orgasmic potential. A safe space for women to relax, heal and open up to their inner radiance.
(Yoni = Vagina)

-> Only available in 3h sessions*


* Yoni Healing - Some more information:

In a 3 hour session there is an optional YONI HEALING included.

Yoni healing can be done with clothes or without clothes, it can be external massage of the yoni and internal work as well. Internally I work with stillness and almost no movement, but with full presence and energy flow. This is a powerful but very soft way of de-armoring of the yoni. Relaxing the pelvic floor and letting tensions melt through loving presence.


Please note:

Yoni Healing is optional. We go with the rhythms of your body and we will only work with physical touch around your yoni, if you and your body are ready for it.


Sometimes it can take up to several sessions to get to the internal work as there might be different layers of shame, guilt, trauma etc. to work through first.

Try to not judge with your mind if that is the case. The mind tends to push things and wants them to happen more quickly. 
It is important to give the healing process as much space as it needs.


My place of power and creativity

"Yoni" is a Sanskrit word for vagina that translates to
"sacred space or temple”.

In tantra, the Yoni is viewed from a perspective of love and respect.
She is the place of your power, beauty, wisdom, creativity.

The yoni is a portal to life energy.

With freeing your yoni and sexuality from guilt and shame, you open up to your life energy and potential.



Be you

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