your Sensitivity & Confidence as a man

The Modern Man

It’s not easy to be a man in these times. Many different and sometimes contradicting roles to fulfill.

A man should be strong,

but not stepping over boundaries of others.

He should be sensitive,

but not  weak.

Yet he should stand up for himself, protect and take care of others.


In my sessions I invite you to relax into who you are. Learning to receive. Being curious and discovering.

I support you to let go of blockages and limiting beliefs and to open up to your sensuality, sensitivity while stepping into your power.

We start the session by a coaching dialog about your intention, needs and boundaries. Creating safety and trust.

The session is tailored for your needs and can contain coaching, tantric bodywork and massage, exercises, breath-work, de-armoring, energy work, healing etc.


Come and be yourself. Allow yourself to feel.


Who are the sessions for?

  • you want to open to your sensuality & pleasure

  • you experience sexual dysfunctions

  • you are usually a giver and want to learn how to let go of control and instead relax, receive and enjoy sensual touch

  • you experience performance anxiety and being overly in your head during intimacy and wish to be more connected and present with yourself and your partner

  • you long for coaching and guidance in your intimate questions

  • you wish to learn tantric energy practices to become more sensitive and being able to experience pleasure in your whole body

  • etc.

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by Lin Holmquist


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