Tantric Therapy

Open up to your potential & be yourself fully!

That is the biggest gift you can give to this world.


A session supports to let go of shame and blockages around your life, body and sexuality.

Deeply rooted conditioning, beliefs and trauma can block our life-force energy and make us believe that we are powerless, not lovable and that life is a struggle.

But what if life can be deeply nourishing, alive, and full of love instead?

With a tantric session we want to uncover the fully perfect and powerful human that you already are. Like uncovering a crystal so that it can shine in it's full beauty.


Why tantric therapy?


"My yoni healing with Stephanie was a truly amazing experience.

Her presence and the transformation I went through in just a few hours was beyond words.”

- Andrea -



How does a session look like?

We will start the session by a short coaching dialogue about your intention and boundaries, and continue with a tantric meditation ritual and some “wheel of consent” exercises to create presence, safety and relaxation. 

Depending on your intention, we will work with different tools like conscious touch & bodywork, energy work, tantric energy practices, breath-work, de-armouring, healing, coaching etc. (= 2h session)

A 3h session can contain an additional relaxing tantric full-body massage.  To awaken your senses and to sensitize your skin. With different kinds of touch you are invited to feel, relax, enjoy, discover and open up to more pleasure, sensuality and life energy.

Experiences in a tantric session can range from:
- deep, meditative and nourishing states of relaxation,
- feelings of pleasure and orgasmic energy moving through your body,
- to emotions like shame, fear, anger surfacing that wants to be released 
- etc.


Whatever comes up for you is welcome and we will hold space with loving presence.

I encourage open and truthful communication during the session as it will help you to stay present in your body and to support the process. It's powerful to speak what is happening in you  (may it be shame, pain, old beliefs, fantasies, tingling sensations, orgasmic energy ....) as it gives an opportunity to bring things to the light and to release it.
A session can support you to re-program yourself from feeling shame and guilt around your body, your sexual energy, your pleasure and to replace those beliefs with the experience that pleasure is natural, welcome and sacred, that the body is fully alright how he is, that pleasure is something to enjoy and celebrate.





In the session we will go with your own rhythm. Your body has it’s own intelligence and we will go in your bodies unique timing.

Our mind is often goal oriented and wants to rush the process, wants to achieve something. In a tantric session we let go of any goal and let unfold what wants and needs to happen in the moment.

Sometimes we need to move through some pain or numbness to be able to get to pleasure.


At the beginning of the session I invite you to share about your intention, what you would like to work on, as well we check in about your boundaries, which will be respected at all times.

Everything happens with your consent and you can always let me know if you want something to change, to stop or if you need something to feel more comfortable.


It’s from relaxation and feeling safe, where the bodies energies can open and expand in pleasurable and new ways.




Your bodies intelligence.
Nothing to achieve

Consent & Boundaries

Welcome to open up to your sensual potential and to shine with your inherent beauty and confidence. 

Pleasure is natural




Sessions can help with

Limiting beliefs, morals, conditioning

Expanding patterns that keep you stuck and limit your life. Open up to more life energy, self-confidence and radiance.

Body image

Freeing yourself from shame and guilt around your sexuality, genitals and body.

"Shame prevents pleasure!"

- Lin Holmquist-

Learn to love and honor your body.

Releasing Trauma
  • traumatic birth-giving and scar tissue

  • #Metoo related trauma

Tantra Therapy can help releasing tensions and trauma stored in the fascia (in the vagina and whole body).

Awaken your senses

Numbness in life is quite common.
Being disconnected from your emotions, your body, and being a lot in the mind.

Learn to feel safe in your body and to meet your feelings with loving acceptance. Feelings and emotions are your super-power - they show what is right for you.
Awaken your senses and the gift of your sensuality.

Sexual dysfunctions
  • lack / loss of libido

  • vaginism / pain in intercourse

  • numbness

  • inability to feel pleasure

  • etc.

Stephanie is a certified tantra therapist (educated by Lin Holmquist), a coach and passionate shiatsu and “alchemy of touch” bodyworker.

Since her youth she felt that there is much more to life, love and sexuality than commonly teached. This inner knowing was setting her off to a great discovery journey.

In Tantra she found a spiritual path that is not denying the body and world of matter - but embracing all aspects of life and supporting us to be our authentic self.
Tantra provides knowledge and practical tools to enhance our pleasure potential and to create a fulfilling life.

Her deepest vision is a world of love, trust and peace - people who are fully embodied and know that their bodies and sexual energy are sacred and a tool to higher levels of consciousness and freedom.





Sexuality as Sacred Power

"Sexuality itself is a sacred life force and the conceiving power in the universe.
When we allow it to flow freely, it elicits deep feelings of longing, desire and passion, and in the blissful unifying act produces immense healing for our bodies and souls. We’re experiencing unspeakable suffering all over the world after an age of defiling, suppressing and misusing sexuality. A key part of healing love is to create spaces where we can fully accept our sexual nature and freely express it in mutual respect."

- Quoted from www.tamera.org -