Tantric session for couples

Deepen your communication, love & intimacy


If you can grow in love,

you will grow in awareness.
If you grow in awareness,

you will grow in love.

- Osho -

This is a session for you as a couple who are curious about tantra and how it can deepen and enrich the connection, communication and intimacy in your relationship.

I will guide you through different exercises and tantric practices around communication, conscious touch & sensuality which can be great to take home with you afterwards and to continue practicing them.

A couple shares ...

"Stephanie, thank you so so much for the session and  this incredible follow-up with all the exercises. We really can't wait to try them!
We are so happy with the session. It has started so many conversations already. Things that I or my partner felt unsure or even uncomfortable to bring up before, we could now better articulate. This I believe is just the start and I definitely think we want another session with you at some point soon again."

rosa Blüten