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Tantric session for couples

Deepen your communication, love & intimacy

In long lasting romantic relationships it can easily happen that the partners take each other for granted and burden the connection with their projections, disappointments and expectations. 

It’s common to experience routine and lack of sexual desire as well a feeling of being unmet, misunderstood and dissatisfied. 

A couple session can support in breaking through this vicious cycle and and meeting each other again in new ways.

It can bring the spark back into your relationship through playfulness, exploration and curiosity.


A couple session can support you with:

  • exploring your desires, longings, needs and boundaries, and learning how to communicate them to your partner

  • increasing the passion and fire in the relationship

  • simple and effective communication tools that build trust and helps to resolve conflicts (holding space for each others emotions and learning to listen and being listened to)

  • removing past blockages that hold you back from experiencing love and pleasure

  • ​openness and truth

  • learning and exploring different types of sensual touch


  • learning to be present and conscious in intimacy (not being in your mind or thoughts, but here and now, in the body and with your partner)

  • bringing an attitude of playfulness and exploration into your relationship in order to keep it alive and fun

  • learning tantric practices and sacred rituals - integrating energetic and spiritual levels into your intimacy

This is a session for you as a couple

  • who are curious about tantra and how it can deepen and enrich the connection, communication and intimacy in your relationship.

    It can also be for you:

  • who have a difficult time in your relationship

  • or if you want to treat yourself and your beloved with something special (e.g. for birthday or anniversary).

I will guide you through different exercises and tantric practices around communication, conscious touch & sensuality which can be great to take home with you afterwards and to continue practicing them.

Sessions do not involve any nudity or sexual activity. At the beginning of the session we set clear boundaries in order to create a  safe and transformative space.


A couple shares ...

"Stephanie, thank you so so much for the session and  this incredible follow-up with all the exercises. We really can't wait to try them!
We are so happy with the session. It has started so many conversations already. Things that I or my partner felt unsure or even uncomfortable to bring up before, we could now better articulate. This I believe is just the start and I definitely think we want another session with you at some point soon again."

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