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In Harmony with Life

Coaching, Bodywork & Tantra

!!! From September 2023: I am on a big travel and not available for "in person sessions" in Sweden (till further notice).

"The answers to all your questions are inside of you.

By being fully in your body, you can tap into your inner wisdom and activate the body's inherent healing capacity."


Balancing & rejuvenating  massage sessions, that reduce stress and support relaxation of body and mind.

Release physical tensions and increase health, balance & inner peace.

(Zen Shiatsu, Full-body and Deep tissue massage)

Tantric sessions

Dare to live a life that is aligned with

who you are!
A tantric session supports to let go of shame and blockages around your life, body and sexuality. Awaken your pleasure potential and open up to more sensitivity, confidence  and self-love.

Being Relaxed & Alive

Stephanie Von der Thannen
Cert. Massage & Tantra Therapist, Coach in the Zen Coaching network, workshop facilitator

Do you long to be more in your body, to relax, let go of tensions, to open up to your life-force energy and being in balance?

Welcome to Livets Harmoni Sessioner.

My name is Stephanie and I am passionate about the power of touch and the body's inherent healing capacity.

I offer holistic massage (Shiatsu and Full-body massage with deep tissue) and give tantra therapy sessions. 


When we are fully present in our bodies we feel more, we enjoy more and we feel better.

Welcome to a space of presence and discovering more of yourself.


What people say ...

Misty Pisten


Jag har varit hos Stephanie för en helkropps massage och kan varmt rekommendera henne. En stor upplevelse. Hon har en stor kunnande som terapeut och man känner sig total avslappnad. Jag nästan somnade under sessionen, kände mig i himlen. Stephanie är dessutom mycket charmigt och trevligt. Jag ger henne högsta betyg. Ni måste uppleva allt detta!




"One of the strongest, deepest healing sessions I’ve ever had with immense emotional and physical release.

I truly believe - what Stephanie has done in just one session - will have an impact on both me and my baby for the rest of our lives - healing our traumatic birth story.
Stephanie is the most present, calm and lovingly therapist one can meet. She makes you feel 100% completely safe and that there is allowance to express absolutely anything without fear, guilt or shame.
I wish every woman would be given the opportunity and possibility to meet with her yoni in this deep and nurturing healing experience.

Stephanie works like a vessel of peace and honest communication, transforming stress and pain to a relaxed state of being."

Sarah Steineman_bearbeitet.jpg


"I had three sessions with Stephanie. Each of them was very different due to the changes of my inner state. She was ready to softly accompany me with her female wisdom. I felt very much held in her non- judgmental way of being there for me.

Through her wholesome presence and questions, I could travel back to my childhood and transform old patterns.

And in another session, I was given the space to feel into my yoni. With all that wanted to be seen and perceived.

The sessions with Stephanie were healing for my yoni, my entire body, and my heart!"

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